Meet Kristin Boggs

Kristin Boggs was appointed to the Ohio House of Representatives in January 2016. She represents Ohio's 18th House District, which includes Ohio State University, the downtown areas of Columbus, Grandview, and Bexley. Since her appointment, Boggs has served on the Judiciary, State Government, and Insurance Committees.

Boggs is a committed advocate for a strong public education system, affordable higher education, and economic opportunities for all working people. She believes that education and work force development are critical to growing and supporting a thriving economy. 

Boggs is also unwavering in her commitment to fight for equality.  During her time in the Ohio House, Boggs has supported legislation to address unequal pay for women, and she has pushed back against discriminatory legislation targeting the LGBT community.  She will always stand up for a woman's right to choose and other policies that protect woman's health, safety, and financial security.

Prior to joining the Ohio House, Boggs graduated from the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law and served as an Assistant Ohio Attorney General for nearly a decade.  During her time at the Ohio Attorney General's Office, Boggs assisted some of Ohio’s most vulnerable populations in recovering from crimes of financial exploitation and physical abuse. 

Boggs currently lives in the Short North with her husband, Adam Ward, her daughter, Sloane, and their dog, Riley.


Boggs represents the 18th House District, which consists of downtown Columbus, The Ohio State University, Bexley, Grandview Heights and other parts of central Franklin County.